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Product Certification

CMI Certification provides Product Certification services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065 for the CodeMark Australia Scheme, WaterMark Scheme and CMIs Product Certification Scheme.

At CMI we believe that the process of Certification should be as simple and straightforward as possible.

As a Certification Body, CMI Certification offers a range of different Certifications to suite your product.

Product certification independently verifies that a product meets the quality and performance of the relevant certification schemes and applicable standards that apply to the product.

See below Product Categories and JAS-ANZ Schemes for further information.

Marking of Product Certified Products

Product marking plays a vital role in the Product Certification Scheme, ensuring compliance and promoting safety and quality. Marking products with the appropriate certifications and labels helps consumers make informed choices, distinguishing certified products from others in the market. It provides clear evidence that a product has undergone rigorous testing, manufacturing quality controls and meets established standards. Additionally, product marking aids in traceability, allowing authorities to track and identify certified products throughout the supply chain. By adhering to proper marking practices, manufacturers contribute to building trust, protecting consumers, and upholding the integrity of the Product Certification Scheme, ultimately fostering a safer and more reliable marketplace.

If you not sure which Certification your product requires please use our short questionnaire to help narrow down the options.

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Product Categories

Construction and Building Material

Glass, Windows, Plywood, Insulation and Tanks

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Glass, Windows, Plywood, Insulation and Tanks


Child Restrains, Bicycles, Potting mix, Ladders, Prams, Cots, Jacks and Breathalysers


Fire detection, Fire Alarm systems and Fire extinguishers

JAS-ANZ Schemes

Show conformity to the Australian Building Code​
Certify your product directly to an existing standard​
Show conformity to the Australian Plumbing Code​

Clients are advised that they must be mindful when commissioning test reports that the test lab can provide a copy of their accredited scope, referencing all of the test standards they are accredited to test the product against. Alternatively, you can search the scope of the laboratory on either the NATA web site or through a mutually recognised accreditation body from another country accredited via ILAC, such as IANZ in New Zealand .